Feel Your Life Beautifully Unfold as We Reduce All Self-Imposed Limitations

Dudley Tower is the founder and director of Dynamic Aging. It is the world’s only systemic and proactive approach to optimal aging that is actually being practiced in an academic setting. While one might find individual classes on mindfulness, age-appropriate exercise, nutrition, and other aspects of the aging process, Dynamic Aging takes a much broader and systemic approach to optimal aging, integrating the latest theory and research from multiple sciences – including gerontology, positive psychology, neuroscience, sociology, systems theory, cognitive psychology, physiology, nutrition, and developmental psychology. It is also grounded in a new worldview that recognizes the interconnection of all things, the nature of continuous change in the universe, the fact that we each have control over our own happiness levels, brain health, and quality of life as we age, and that we each have a uniquely important gift or purpose to our lives – that, for many, can only be discovered in the last third of life. Students taking this course over the past three years have consistently experienced the following:

  • A more accurate and healthy perception of retirement and aging
  • The dissolution of self-limiting beliefs about Self and growing older
  • A higher quality of life – happiness, brain and physical health, support, friendship
  • Transformational personal growth
  • More conscious relationships
  • New meaning and purpose in life
  • Increased adaptability and resiliency
  • Positivity and hope about the future